a modest month-long proposal

Today, I also did a guest post for BASIC College Ministries, a cool northeastern group I got to speak for last year. Check out “5 Areas Worth (Re)Thinking About” right here.

This month is (among several other things, I’m sure) National Social Workers Month. That’s why my girlfriend has flowers on her desk this week… and it’s a really smart move for national Social Work groups. Giving themselves an “official month” each year gets their work spotlighted in a focused way, whether that’s from companies that employ social workers, the news media, financial supporters, the government, or others.

The field of Collegiate Ministry runs on support and recognition, right? Many of us (particularly in the campus-based world) request donations from ministry partners – and we’d love to draw more partners, too. At Christian colleges, the directors of spiritual development need budget support and recognition from their higher-ups. And church-based college ministers need those same two things – budget help and recognition – not only from their bosses but from their congregations, as well.

So if all that’s true, where’s our Month?

The truth is, if you’re a college minister of any kind, you’re probably in a position to request (if not outright declare) a special month of focus from

  • your church body (whether you’re a church-based campus minister or not)
  • your financial supporters
  • your larger organization
  • your denomination (whether you serve a denomination directly or not)
  • bigger ministries in your region
  • your college campus (imagine that – your school highlighting the contributions off the “religious community” one month each year!)

And here’s what I’d suggest: Make it March. Yes, I know it’s halfway through at the moment, but I still think March might just be the best month for most of us.

But today, I want to encourage you with that idea: Request (or declare) a month to spotlight the importance, achievements, and needs of Collegiate Ministry.

Tomorrow, why I think March is the way to go.


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