20 ways to act outside le box (frideas galore)

All week, I looked at the way one idea from outside college ministry – the Charm School run by two decades at MIT – has something to tell us about college ministry. Yesterday, I threw out a few observations on why campus ministries might do well to think further outside the box than we often do. Evangelism doesn’t always have to look like “evangelism,” recruiting doesn’t always have to look like “recruiting,” service doesn’t always have to look super-spiritual… and so on.

Since Friday is traditionally “Fridea” day, I figured I’d make a list of twenty ways I’ve seen college ministries already do this – to accomplish a variety of real-life ministry purposes. My goal here isn’t just to offer specific ideas, but to help us all springboard to better and better ideas to reach our own campus tribes.

  1. Putting on a concert
  2. Holding a day of concerts
  3. Opening a textbook store
  4. Opening a coffee shop
  5. Raising funds (for your budget or for a cause) through getting textbook donations (I can help you do this!)
  6. Orientation week parties
  7. Hosting seminars about hot topics (whether with Veritas Forum or otherwise)
  8. Hosting a debate
  9. Road trip to the Big Game
  10. Other road trips
  11. Hold rather “secular,” open-invitation service trips
  12. Snowball fights on campus (out-of-season, I mean)
  13. Providing space / gatherings for Finals studying
  14. Providing space / gatherings to take breaks from Finals studying
  15. Intramural participation
  16. Tailgating
  17. Ministers purposely holding “office hours” or otherwise simply hanging out on campus
  18. Joining with a secular club / fraternity for some event
  19. Flash mob
  20. Giving away free stuff on campus – even in a regularly scheduled (weekly) way


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