conviction that lasts

As I was writing yesterday’s blog about the the post-bubble bewilderment, I was kinda struck by how important all of that really is. And my first example has stuck with me:

  • How do I practice social justice now that there isn’t an opportunity thrown at me every other week?

The same could be asked about accountability with other Christians, participating in solid Bible study, seeking and offering counsel, praying for the nations, giving to big causes, starting big causes, donating time and effort to ministry activity, leading others closer to Christ, and so on.

Are we “creating” students who, after their college years, will seek out chances to do the good things they’re now doing? Or will our students – like so many, I’m afraid – have left these activities behind five years later?

I’m not sure that exposure alone produces the kind of conviction that lasts. For a few students, simple exposure – to discipling others, for instance – will prove addictive enough to participate for a lifetime. But for many, it simply won’t be as easy after college to find those opportunities (and they won’t have the same push from their leaders and peers). So if we haven’t built in them a conviction (not simply an appreciation), then we haven’t built them into lifelong followers any more than they were before they came to college.

Willing to evaluate your ministry? How “zealous for good works” are the men and women who graduated from your ministry two years ago?


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