the post-bubble bewilderment

I remember being bewildered – for years – about what it meant to date “Christianly,” once I was outside of the collegiate bubble. Inside those college years, it was quite easy to find, serve alongside, and get to know awesome girls before I ever had to decide if I wanted to take another step toward more-than-friendship.

But while I’m sure I heard several Dating & Relationships talks during those years, I don’t remember being well prepared for after those years. Suddenly it wasn’t nearly as easy to navigate.

I bet that collegiate bubble shows up in other ways, too:

  • How do I practice social justice now that there isn’t an opportunity thrown at me every other week?
  • How do I find intimate community when there aren’t “small group signups” each semester?
  • How do I pick a church in a new city, when I’m not around dozens of others who are trying to figure out the same thing?
  • I think I understand “using my mind to God’s glory” when I’ve got a full docket of classes… what does that look like after my formal schooling has ended, though?
  • How do I evangelize when people seem a lot less open in the “real world,” and when I don’t have buddies who are witnessing alongside me?
  • What am I supposed to do with money once I have a lot more of it? (Giving “sacrificially” and tithing seemed a little easier when it was just $5 a month…)

These are six scenarios that seem pretty probable, and they’re just the first six I thought of. The question is: In these and other areas, are you preparing students to succeed during their years in college… or to succeed both now and later?


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