oscar-worthy college ministry

After watching the Academy Awards last night, here are two Oscar-worthy opportunities available to us who serve in college ministry:

1. Our students can participate in great works. Our college ministries should regularly be producing students who are part of great works for years to come – both creating masterpieces in their chosen fields and doing “good works” that impact many. How many of your campus ministry’s graduates have achieved that sort of greatness?

2. We can be part of their acceptance speeches. One day, years from now, what’s the likelihood that you (or others in your college ministry) will be a part of students’ testimonies? When they share with their kids about notable spiritual impacts, when they describe to a room full of listeners how God grew them, when they write their memoirs… will they be talking about these few years in this college ministry? Is itreally having that kind of impact?

This is evaluation but also motivation. As college ministers, we’re serving at the hinge of many people’s lives… and if we’re impacting personally and purposefully, our impact can be enormous and forever!


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