prepare for the political now (a fridea)

Lest we forget, another Presidential Election year is upon us. (Which also means Leap Year and a Summer Olympics, of course.) And that means we have one of the best possible teachable moments available for our students, to shepherd them:

  • in what it means to be a citizen
  • to care about social and political issues
  • to wisely discern their own involvement
  • to prioritize God’s ways (and kingdom) over man’s
  • to bridge politics into Gospel conversations
  • to be wise and not simply zealous
  • to be not conformed to peers and other components of the world around them

Many (if not all) of the students in your campus ministry will be shepherded by somebody this year – do you really want professors, FoxNews, Ron Paul devotees, parents, the student newspaper, NPR, or the student president of the Socialist Club to be the only lens they use? Or will you help them walk first and foremost as a Christian through a very political eight months, with all the decision-making, disagreements, stance-discernment, and dialogue it will naturally inspire?

So that’s this week’s Fridea: Consider your action plan for shepherding in this teachable moment. And get started shepherding before the summer hits.


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