tying college ministry to valentine’s, romance, and more (frideas galore)

Yesterday I wrote about using Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Week) to make students (especially the gals) feel special, to help students learn about serving others, to discuss Christianity’s counter-cultural version of and vision for romantic love, and other possibilities.

The thing is, romance, possible romance, and thoughts of future romance are always going to be a big part of college students’ lives (especially since by “romance” I mean any related topics). So why wouldn’t we tie some portion of our work to this very teachable moment, an area in which Christianity truly has an awful lot to say?

Today, some ideas about the How of all this. Beyond the normal “Dating series,” what can your college ministry do about these issues surrounding V Day – or any other time of the year? I figured I’d throw out a handful of Frideas, and hopefully some of them will be useful – or get you thinking!

  • Campus-wide seminar (on sexuality, dating, etc.)
  • Fundraisers connected to Valentine’s (sell roses, Val-o-grams on campus, care packages paid for by friends or significant others or parents, etc.)
  • Serving local adults on Valentine’s by watching kids during “date night”
  • Etiquette Dinner
  • Regular, somewhat nice dinner on Valentine’s Day (or any Friday night) for college students just to get to know each other (sometimes called “Dinner for Ten” or something similar)
  • Panel discussion by adults on romance topics
  • Talking about not simply the “rules” of dating but being a good couple
  • Talking about not simply the “rules” of singleness but using your singleness well
  • Honoring couples in your ministry who have done things well (by them sharing their testimony, discipling other couples, etc.)
  • Loving on others around Valentine’s Day (older people, the homeless, students’ own parents, international students, etc.)
  • Facilitate special date nights for couples in your ministry
  • If you’re a married (or dating) college minister, go out regularly with student couples in your ministry

Lots of ideas that certainly center on different purposes. And I’m sure we could all come up with more!


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