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Do you see Valentine’s Day as an important opportunity in your campus ministry? Here’s a post from a couple of years ago that could give you some thoughts for next Tuesday…

One of the best projects I was ever a part of involved giving roses to the girls in our small group during Valentine’s week.

I led a co-ed freshman Bible study my sophomore year of college. So before Valentine’s came around, I got all the guys in our group to secretly donate, come particularly dressed up that night, and then meet together just before group time. I handed out roses I had ordered, and s our lovely ladies walked down the hall, we were looking sharp and carrying flowers to give to them.

Valentine’s Day is possibly in the Top Ten of regular opportunities college ministries have to

  • be counter-cultural and redefining
  • shine
  • serve
  • make people’s day
  • develop group community
  • raise expectations for all these future spouses
  • or all of the above.

Whether ministry-wide or within individual small groups, this is a chance for people to think about making each other feel special – whether they’re just buddies or they’re more.

Tomorrow, Frideas on how we can help students love each other well (at Valentine’s time or otherwise).


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