spring break and tradition

I was thinking about Spring Break last night, and I figure I’ll post a few times about that this week. (While some of you may have some big plans already in the bag, I figure it’s still a good week to think about that BIG WEEK coming soon on the college ministry calendar.)

Today, an easy question that might require a hard answer:

Are you letting tradition decide what you do this Spring Break, or prayerful strategy?

There are college ministries out there that have “standard fare” for Spring Break activity – it’s a ski trip every year, it’s a mission trip to the same place every year, it’s a mini-Sabbatical for staff every year, it’s a rotation of two or three things every two or three years.

And traditions can be a great thing – if they’re the best way to accomplish your present purposes. But what may very well have fit this ideal two years ago may not, in fact, be best for hitting this year’s targets. So can you honestly say you pondered this year’s Spring Break like you should have, or did you just go with the norm because it’s the norm?

As college ministers, we daily face the temptation to “run cool plays” rather than score points. Spring Break is only one of many moments when good traditions can sometimes be replaced by traditionalism.


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  1. Benson…great stuff.

    Our tried and true for the last several years has been New Orleans. We had gotten to the point where the trip would practically plan itself. Our students love visiting…we built great relationships…we loved the city.

    But we felt like, this year, God was opening up new doors.

    Our trip this year is very different. We will be heading to Nashville, TN. But, it won’t (necessarily) be to build things or tear things down.

    The “mission” of our mission trip this year is International Students. We are bringing as many of them along as we can find. And the purpose of the trip is to create, build, and deepen our relationships with the students. And in doing so, we hope to earn the opportunity to share the Gospel with them by how we live and what we say.

    We will do sight-seeing stuff. And we will find a couple of meaningful ways to serve in the city. But our mission is the students.

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