share the brainstorms (a partnership fridea)

Yesterday I wrote about our need to consider cooperative partnerships (with other organizations, both Christian and secular, or even the school itself) as a valid option for new ministry activities. So for today’s Fridea, I wanted to offer one way you might see partnerships arise between your ministry and other ministries on campus.

The Fridea? Regularly share with other college ministers the NEW opportunities or possibilities that seem to pop up on the radar.

Here’s what I mean: Every once in a while, it’s likely that a potential outlet for future ministry presents itself:

  • Key students talk to you about a new passion they have for a certain issue
  • You notice several students from a certain niche start coming to your large group meeting
  • You begin to notice a possible opportunity for outreach, and as you pray you continue to think about it
  • An administrator contacts you about a certain need on campus
  • You attend a conference and hear about a method for reaching fraternities that you’d love to try
  • …and so on.

However new ideas show up on the radar, what if you made a point to express these possibilities to other ministers? Isn’t it just possible God might be showing them similar things? Plus, sometimes the encouragement they’ll offer – which might just include an invite to partner together – will be the encouragement you need to actually go for this.

If you sent a monthly email to all the other college ministers simply telling them the brainstorming you, your staff, and your student leaders have been doing, you might be shocked to see God use that to build partnerships to accomplish those very things!


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