would you weep with the weepers?

You’re probably well aware of all the turmoil that has taken place over the last few months surrounding the Penn State football program, coaches, and campus: allegations of sexual abuse, firings of coaches and the president, student protests, talk show fodder, and the death of Joe Paterno. Whatever other emotions are justified, I’ve been heartbroken by the pain of it all for that campus.

I realize that there were (and still are) many emotions surrounding those situations. And everybody’s personal response, of course, varies.

But I have two questions for you to consider about your own love for your campus – as opposed to (simply) loving your ministry to that campus:

  1. Do you love your campus enough that you would be emotional – even devastated – if such things happened in your own backyard? Even if they had no direct connections to your ministry
  2. Do you love campuses enough that you can weep with the college ministers and students of Penn State?

I realize each person’s take on #2 might vary; while I’d love to see every college minister care about others’ mission fields, our experiences and “wiring” are all different here.

But I think #1 is a non-negotiable for good campus ministry, and it’s a great assessment of how well we’ve really come to adore the field God’s given us to tend. I hope we’re all weeping with those who weep in our own campus tribes.


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