love thy neighbor (a fridea)

The college ministry I volunteer in meets in a large theater on the SMU campus, inside the Student Center. But like a lot of campus Student Centers, there are several other meeting rooms down there. So as students arrive and as they leave, there are often other meetings taking place (or people coming to / going from those meetings).

So I’ve often wondered if there’s any great way to connect with these students or their organizations. Could we feed them? Invite them to our large group after their event gets done? Serve them in some way? Or organize a “mixer” event for our group and theirs?

I know this Fridea doesn’t apply to all college ministries out there – some of you meet in an area of campus where other organizations don’t, and others meet off-campus. (Of course, you can still do those sorts of things for groups, even if they’re not your physical neighbors week-to-week.) It’s not tricky (usually) to figure out what groups are meeting in certain rooms on-campus – making it all the easier to provide targeted impact, whatever it happens to look like.

Whether the groups that meet near yours are different week-to-week or (like you) they have a standing arrangement, the point is that they’re near you. Why not take the opportunity for hospitality, service, invitation, or fellowship?


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