simple (but possibly painful) assessment

Simple (but possibly painful) assessment question for you:

How many of your activities this semester will be planned around clear, explicitly determined purposes?

When we realize just how much a standard college ministry actually does, it’s amazing:

  • every weekly large group
  • each and every small group meeting throughout a week
  • every retreat
  • every planned social event
  • each leader’s meeting
  • each staff meeting
  • every service project

That’s an awful lot of events. Some are probably planned by you; some might be planned by volunteers or other staff; some might be planned by student leaders.

And so I ask the question another way: How often will the planners start by praying through and thinking through what – exactly – they’re meant to aim for, and only afterwards plan the retreat, the small group session, the music set, or the service project? Are your students doing this every time? Are you?

Though God can certainly bear fruit from all sorts of poorly planned methods (and does all the time), our participation with Him as co-laborers demands seeking His thoughts on the front end, not just seeking His blessing on the back end.

So how well does your count – the actual number – of events that will be planned with the end in mind correspond with that reality?

(For more on this, you can definitely read my series on Backwards College Ministry.)


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