pray with me!

Many of you have been reading this blog for awhile and have followed my adventures of exploring college ministry, even over the whole past 4 1/2 years (or even my work in college ministry for 8 years before that)! Others may be much newer to the party.

But whatever the case, I’d just like to ask for your prayers in the the coming few days. I’m aiming to spend some focused time this week seeking the Lord and thinking through my present situation when it comes to income.

As I’ve seen all along the way, an undervalued field of ministry simply doesn’t offer a lot of “financial base”… even for somebody who’s seen hundreds of college ministries and will gladly give his entire life to serve college ministers if given the chance to do so. Very few Christians (including those within the field of collegiate ministry) are seeking out that kind of expertise right now. It’s a bummer, but it’s a reality.

So these days, I’m at the point of needing to figure out – right now – my next steps, even if it means adjusting in some major ways. I don’t know what it might mean – but, of course, that’s why I’m seeking Him. I’m honored for any praying you’re willing to do on my behalf!

Thanks for being part of this amazing field. My deepest hope is that my time with this field is far from over!

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