where learning gets in the way

There’s a big difference between the campus ministry with leaders who simply aren’t Learners… and the campus ministry with leaders who actively, regularly learn from others about the work of collegiate ministry.

They will have a better impact. They will better fulfill their ministry. They will create a far better ministry over time, in ways both obvious and non-obvious.

But I’ll go one step further today.

There’s a big difference between the college ministry that looks at other ministries mainly to learn what to do… and the college ministry that discerns what it should do, in its context, and then finds other ministries to learn how to do those things better.

Of course other ministries will always (and should always) give us new ideas for the what. But far too often we find the bulk of our methods in either:

  • large, successful college ministries
  • our own experiences in college ministries
  • or the “ways it’s usually done” in our organization or denomination

The more your methods have arisen from your context and your audience – while regularly looking for others’ wisdom on how to use those methods best – the better you’ll impact. As I’ve noted lots of other times, I think the panorama of college ministries is far, far too homogenous for such diverse mission fields as ours.


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