hospitality in college ministry #5: the all vs. the many

It seems to me that true Hospitality is characterized by – among other things – a recognition of all, not just many.

When I’m thinking about Hospitality (in college ministry, churches, or otherwise), it helps me to consider how the perfect party host handles her soirees. Does she aim to host the bulk of her crowd, or all of her crowd?

I think she considers the All.

That doesn’t mean she acts the same to all (in fact, Hospitality recognizes that people need to be treated differently). And she doesn’t give in to every single expectation of each person, either.

But she thinks of all, she acknowledges all, she does what she can to host everyone at the party.

I would never say that a college ministry needs to (necessarily) target all students, cater equally to all students, or involve all students in the same way. But it seems to me… I think… that a Hospitable college ministry will indeed consider all students who make their way into it, for a day or a semester or longer.


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