hospitality in college ministry #3: whaddya know?

For the third post about Hospitality in College Ministry, I wanted to introduce one test you can do right now to assess how well you’re “hosting” the students in you college ministry in an ongoing way.

Here’s the question: How well do leaders in your ministry know the students who attend?

The way you answer this will depend on the size of your ministry. In big ministries, the college minister can’t be expected to know each of the students. But the question is whether they are known – whether by the one (and only) college minister in a small ministry or by your large network of staff, volunteers, and student leaders.

So if all those in leadership took a quiz – about students’ majors, their years in school, their hopes for the future, what they’ll be doing next summer, how they came to Christ, if they’ve come to Christ, what they struggle with, what they’re good at, and on and on – how well would you be able to answer those things about the students in your ministry?

Knowing people and being hospitable toward them are wrapped up together. By being hospitable in the first place, you create time and space to get to know people. But as you get to know them better, you’re able to host them better and better, too.

I don’t know that there’s any good shortcut here, nor can we ever get anywhere near where we’d like to be with this. But if the thought of being quizzed on what you know about your college students makes you cringe… then maybe working on Hospitality is a good aim for this new year.


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