going for broke #5: a fridea about funds

You want a Fridea that fits this “Going for Broke” series?

What if your college ministry started a business?

Laundromat. Laundry service. Restaurant. Coffee shop. Bookstore. Textbook store. Clothing store. Vintage clothing store. Event photography. Graphic design. Rentals.

And those are just ones with a campus-orientation that came to mind in one minute (although I’ve definitely pondered some of them before). It wouldn’t have to connect directly to the campus, and God’s far more creative than me…

If God grants that I get to continue helping advance the field of Collegiate Ministry, I’d love to be involved in helping alternative funding opportunities become widespread. I myself was supported through a textbook store, and I think there’s a lot of potential in this area.

It’s a HUGE idea, but it could bear HUGE fruit for the ministries that did it wisely, strategically, and excellently. And the fruit wouldn’t just be in funds (in fact, for some that might be pretty low on the list of purposes). Connections with students and serving a campus could be enormous outcomes here.


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