going for broke #1: considering the big leap

I’ll be posting a new series over the next couple of weeks or so, just in time for the Christmas Break (for most of us, at least). My genuine hope is that whether you’re in a “go for broke” place with your ministry or happily cruising, these ideas will get you thinking about your vision for the coming months, semesters, and years.

going for broke: big leaps for better impact

At the end of yet another Fall Semester (or Quarter), is your college ministry where it’s supposed to be?

Notice, I’m not asking if your ministry is all it could possibly be – of course things could be better. But sometimes when we acknowledge that need and then point to the small ways we’re incrementally improving, we’re missing better, bigger ways we should be improving.

It’s possible to hide behind our plans for perpetual perfecting when instead big shifts are needed. These could be shifts in who you’re reaching, how you use your own time as a college minister, or the overall structure of your ministry. They might involve adjusting a long-practiced part of your ministry… or doing away with it altogether.

The truth is, even college ministries that seem to be going swimmingly should consider major adjustments from time-to-time. (Considering isn’t implementing, after all.) Sometimes even the act of pondering the potentialities gives us insight into our ministries we didn’t have before. We might not make all those big leaps we consider, but we might realize smaller steps worth taking through that process.

And every once in awhile, a big leap is exactly what’s called for.

This could have been a standalone post. Because it is an encouragement to use the next month to pray and think through “going for broke” in any area of your ministry. So, for today, I do want to encourage that process to begin (maybe even today). Give yourself some time (and the permission) to think about big shifts.

But I want to do more. So scattered through the posts of the next couple of weeks, I’m planning to post thoughts on “going for broke”:

  • ways some ministries might want to consider taking big leaps,
  • and thoughts on why, when, and how we should make major shifts in our college ministries

I think it’ll be a unique series, and I’m looking forward to it – in some ways, I think it’ll be especially fun to write (so I hope it will be fun to read, too).


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