this is when the pencil starts making sense

This’ll be the last post until Monday – enjoy your Thanksgiving (and your Break!).

I’ve written before that – in my humble opinion – it’s awkward for campus ministers to plan out an entire school year (teaching series, smaller events, spiritual emphases, small group materials, etc.). To predict in August (or June!) what students are going to need next March doesn’t reflect the realities of either our students or their campuses.

While a few things (like major events) might need to be given some major lead time, semester-by-semester (or quarter-by-quarter) planning makes far more sense in our field of ministry.

In any case, if you have already filled in the blanks for the Spring Semester, now is an excellent time to consider if each of those plans is still BEST. Planning out two semesters ahead isn’t too big a problem… IF you’re willing to (re)evaluate when the time comes. That time might just be now!

So that’s my encouragement for this week and the weeks to come! So I hope whatever you decided this summer about 2012 was done in pencil, not pen. Now’s your chance to respond to the new realities of your campus, to your new students (and changes in your old students), and to everything God has been doing in your college ministry.


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