how will you use this week?

I’ve written several times over the past couple of weeks about preparing students for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks, as well as about impacting them during those breaks (why waste so many weeks of opportunity?).

But I don’t know what this week looks like for you personally, as a college minister. It’s likely it’s a little unusual… and possibly a little lighter. And then you probably have Thanksgiving travels or parties or feasting, whether it’s local or afar.

Still, the question for us is, How are we going to use this week?

Just like students, college ministers have our usual “calendars.” They coincide with students’ calendars oftentimes – but not always. And this is a week – not just Thursday and the weekend, but perhaps the entire week – when you could accomplish some major things for yourself or your ministry.

Including rest, if that’s what you need.

The point of this post is to encourage you to decide. What are your purposes for this week? How are you going to get that thing / those things done? How will those actions fit into the (crazy) schedule of the week?

This week doesn’t have to be a throwaway; it could actually be a hinge week for you or for the ministry. The weeks between now and Christmas Break aren’t throwaway, either (or they shouldn’t be!)… so preparing for them – whatever that means in your context – is a worthy task for a Thanksgiving week.


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  1. I think resting is a huge thing for us right now. Also doing some reading of good books. Right now I am reading T4T about the largest church planting movement ever. Lots of principles I can learn. Hope to read some other stuff also. Also I want to start writing up a few things. Most all though rest and connect with family!

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