conspire camp (a fridea)

The last couple of posts have dealt with the idea of college students stepping up as (even) more than normal Student Leaders – seeing themselves as your fellow College Ministers, indigenous missionaries to their own campuses.

If you can get your students to that point, then spending time brainstorming with them only makes sense. Yes, they’ll need direction. Yes, they’ll probably have to hear some “Nos” to their Big Ideas – although couching that response in “we’ll have to see if it works out” terms may be good. (Better, help your newly-fellow college ministers see why lots of ideas, though “good,” aren’t best.)

What if this sort of brainstorming became the focus of a special night – or even a college student (or leadership team) retreat?

“Brainstorming Brouhaha?” “Conspire Camp?” “Rack-our-brains Retreat?” Whatever you call it, if it’s done well, letting students brainstorm about specific areas and possibilities could unleash all sorts of great new ideas. They are, after all, the indigenous leaders – there’s a reason foreign missionaries try to raise them up to impact their own tribes.

Like I noted yesterday, that’s what we saw at the retreat I spoke at last weekend: several Stanford and/or Santa Clara students considering new outreach they might engage in on a local community college campus. It was exciting, and it was new.

One tip for making this great

Before I close out this Fridea, I want to point back to a principle that will make-or-break this experience for your ministry: learning to build forms around purposes, not vice versa. (I call it Backwards College Ministry, and you can read about it here.) Teach your students that stuff first, and this activity really could generate some fantastic next steps for your campus ministry.


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