fathers & mothers

Since it’s my mom’s birthday, I thought I’d ask a related question:

How are you helping your students “honor their fathers and mothers” during their college years?

Certainly, it’s important for students to make their homes within their new “neighborhood.” Students’ inability to separate from their parents and hometown often introduces problems of its own.

But students can err on the side of leaving-family-behind, too, can’t they? Far too often for many of our collegians, parents and families are “out of sight, out of mind.”

And when they do return home – at Christmas, summer, or just for a weekend – a new family-apathy may rear its ugly head.

Parents are still a big part of students’ lives – even if they don’t recognize it like they should. So how often do we teach our students about loving their parents – even while they’re at school? Serving their parents? Being awesome when they return home? Witnessing (in word and deed) to non-Christian parents? And so on?

Christmas Break isn’t far away, and Thanksgiving is even closer. Now might be the time to consider how well your students are keeping the 5th Commandment, and how well you’re helping them do it.

Happy birthday, Mom!


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