struggles in the branches, part 2

Monday I blogged about struggles I’ve seen in two of the branches of college ministry, after speaking on that (among other things) last week at a seminary “brownbag.”

After sharing the difficulties I’ve seen in campus-based and church-based college ministry, I wanted to touch on the other two branches today!

Institutional College Ministry

  • Because it’s the most campus-integrated of the branches, those working in Christian colleges likely face some varieties of “red tape” that others don’t. They’re seen as representatives of the university and are clearly tied to its aims and efforts.
  • Likewise, these college ministers are unlikely to be overseen fellow or former college ministers. Because of the uniqueness of our work, this can create difficulties.
  • This area of college ministry sometimes has a higher educational bar than others; larger Christian colleges (or ones with more developed spiritual life programs) may require a Doctorate or at least a Master’s for those serving in Institutional College Ministry.

Collegiate Churches

  • Funding
  • Intergenerational connections are usually few
  • While this branch has actually been around for awhile, it still feels new (or is unheard of) to many.
  • While autonomy can certainly be a strength, it also certainly presents struggles. Oversight and collective wisdom – from more than just college students – can be a helpful thing…


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