the outgoers study (a fridea)

Surely this is something – unless your college ministry is just enormous – that you could join other local college ministries in doing.

The idea (or Fridea, as the case may be) is a study – offered possibly each semester – for any Christian students who will head out from campus next semester. Remember, we’re not just talking about those graduating. It applies to collegians studying abroad, taking some time off, doing an internship, etc. (Although, depending on your scenario, you might have different studies or split some of those groups off once or twice to talk about issues specific to their situations.)

This week, I’ve been looking at the HUGE need to shepherd such students while they’re away – including purposely impacting students for a season after they graduate. But of course our shepherding will be even better if it starts while students are still local.

Again, I think this one might make a lot of sense as a multi-campus-ministry effort:

  • The diversity of discipleship will help a lot, especially since everybody’s “real world” experiences will look so different
  • Cooperation might allow y’all to get started on this sooner rather than later (since you’re sharing the load)
  • Cooperation among a few college ministries will encourage other ministries to engage this vital area
  • Critical mass always encourages students to take part
  • Connecting MORE students to each other as they head out – some into the same places – increases their opportunities for accountability, encouragement, and community next semester


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