out of sight, out of mind?

How are you ministering to the students who were in your community last semester but aren’t at school this semester?

They might be studying abroad.

They might be taking a semester or year off.

They might have a missions opportunity, an internship, or a co-op.

They might have graduated in May or August, and they’re now eking out their new existence in the “real world.”

Whatever the case, it’s likely you’re the main Christian community they’ve had up until now. You and/or your students are those who have known them and have been known by them.

So there’s no way “Out of sight, out of mind” should be our guiding principle here. If we don’t shepherd them now, who will? And yet an expectation (on either side) of “everything staying the same” for distant or graduated students wouldn’t be wise, either (or healthy for the student).

More on this to come, I imagine. It’s been on my mind.


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