how often do you audible?

You may have heard: My Texas Rangers once again made the World Series. They’ll play the St. Louis Cardinals, starting this Wednesday.

But that leads me to a simple question: How often do you call audibles in your campus ministry? How often do you scrap the normal schedule to better fit something happening on campus, in your town, or among your students?

The local college ministry I volunteer in holds its weekly Large Group Meeting on Wednesdays, you see. Now, of course, the leaders may decide to go ahead and stick with the norm – and that may absolutely be the right decision. But I also know those guys, and I know they’re willing to adjust things like this – despite spending hours back during the summer figuring out the schedule for this semester.

It’s not wrong to hold a game-watching party instead of a Large Group Meeting on occasion.

Sometimes it’s best to switch your planned message to a topic that’s come up on campus this week.

The small groups may need to focus simply on fellowship this week, if that’s the need of the hour. Or give a week for prayer. Or for looking at what the Bible says about that topic that came up on campus this week!

A last-minute road trip to serve a town hit by a natural disaster could be an amazing way for God to use (and impact) your college ministry… if you’re willing to ditch the dodgeball tournament. And your yearly mission trip to Brazil might be awesome… but what if God’s been causing you to consider helping closer to home this year? Are you willing – on occasion – to get away from the normal plans?

I’m not saying audibles should be the norm. Planning is good and right and strategic. But I also know the world we live in – the ever-changing, pulsating, crazy campus world. Audibles should happen on occasion, because we’re serving tribes that need responsive ministry – far more than they need our message series to end in five weeks rather than six!


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