“what are you seeing?” (a fridea)

I’m here at Catalyst, and today I’ll be eating lunch with something like 150 college ministers! So campus ministry collaboration is certainly on my mind (but when isn’t it, really?).

In any case, that leads to a basic Fridea that seems to fit this early-middle point of most of our semesters:

Get in touch with other local campus ministers, and simply ask them what they’re seeing so far.

This may happen through an email “survey,” or there may be a chance for everybody to grab lunch. Even if the college ministers in your setting don’t regularly hang out, this is a question everybody’s generally curious about. By this time, you’re all noticing differences in your group, differences on campus, and other aspects that seem interesting… and wouldn’t it be fun to know if others are seeing the same things?

Of course, God might want to show everybody something through these “coincidental” similarities. In fact, plenty of wisdom and direction could arise from asking this single question.

So that’s the Fridea. Hope you’ll take the challenge.


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