when they’re 32

This is something I’ve mentioned before, although it bears repeating. And repeating some more. Because it might just be one question that college ministries MOST need to hear.

Are you building students in such a way that they’ll be amazing God-followers in 10 years?

What if this was our key evaluation? What if this question directed nearly everything we did? If this question were to resonate in your brain – day after day, week after week – it would, in all likelihood, affect your campus ministry greatly. It might require some additions; it might change your entire ministry; it might mean different leaders or different events or even drawing fewer students… and better impacting them for the long-run.

If the students who stick with us during college aren’t being impacted for good, if they’re not awesome when they’re 32 – in fact, if they’re not a decade’s worth of more-awesome – then something is wrong with what we’re producing. These are hinge years. They should be changed forever.

It’s not our job – ultimately – to change people. And it’s students’ fault when they fall away or mess up or back out. I know all that.

But we do have a solemn charge to watch over souls today – and the assessment of our charge certainly doesn’t end when they graduate.


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