identity, externally

There are some college ministries out there – campus-based, church-based, and otherwise – that have asked themselves today’s question, answered it well, and used the answer to create a better ministry.

But for many of us, its answer is less clarified than we’d like.

The question: Within the campus community, how is your campus ministry identified?

In other words, how is your college ministry known… or what’s the one-sentence reputation of your ministry… among both the secular and Christian members of your campus community? (This includes administration members, faculty, other college ministries, student organizations, and anybody else.)

Have you discerned a concrete – and accurate – answer to that question?

I could follow up with plenty of other questions: Are you happy with that reputation? Are you even “identified” at all? Is there good reason for any disdain? Is there actually good reason for any appreciation? What could change your reputation for the better? Do you care? …and so on.

But you can ask all those questions and plenty more yourself. So I’ll stick with the one question: What’s your college ministry’s identity, externally?


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  1. AJ

    How do you determine this since by definition those with the answers are exterior to th group??? Seems like we wouldn’t have access to those people. A very important question but I’m not sure how to go about answering it…

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