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Happy Monday!

Following up on last week’s Fridea, three easy aspects many college ministries probably need to make more explicit:

1. Your student leaders. How many members of your campus ministry could point out who the “official” student leaders are? We might like the idea of those guys and gals serving without (much) recognition, but the positives of making their positions explicit outweigh the negatives.

2. Opportunities for student leadership (and other involvement). If you have “ministry teams” of some sort, are those opportunities clearly laid out… often? Do all your students – new ones, irregular attenders, regular attenders – know how to plug in? Your opportunities for future student leaders AND for other volunteers should be quite explicit indeed.

3. The mission of student teams (both ministry teams and small groups). Can each of your student leaders…

  • …give an “elevator pitch” for their ministry area? Are their activities and emphases clear and organized in their own minds?
  • …clearly articulate (from memory) the specific outcomes their team or small group is aiming for this semester? If they don’t know what they’re aiming for…

Explicit. It matters.


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