re-recruit, even from different directions (the fridea)

If your campus is on the Semester system, it’s likely that your usual “recruiting season” is winding down. But I was wondering if that schedule aligns well with actual student patterns. (Students and their habits are far messier than we would like them to be!)

There are plenty of students who – for better or worse – have been weighing options without jumping right into commitment. (They’re Millennials, remember!) They’re still looking for organizations to get involved in, a church home, whatever. And the freshmen are just now figuring out what “college life” kind of looks like.

So what if you spent a little more time and effort rolling out the red carpet to that kind of student?

And the second idea is like it: While you could recruit in the same ways you’ve been recruiting, you could also consider coming from a different direction:

  • using some different tactics,
  • approaching some different kinds of students, or
  • even showing different sides of your ministry

…different tactics, students, or sides from your first “round” of recruiting.


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