use parents’ visits well

Maybe I’ll have a chance to ponder some concrete ideas in the future, but the title of today’s post pretty much speaks for itself! And every campus – and every ministry – is different enough that your interactions with parents and the potential there will differ pretty widely.

But since Parents’ Weekend is coming up this weekend at SMU here in Dallas, I did want to encourage you to take full advantage of those kinds of opportunities – and not only official “parents’ weekends” at your school (though they present HUGE potential), but also other times when individual students’ parents make their way to campus.

Have you thought and prayed this one through? You may be missing chances for recruiting prayer warriors, encouraging students to get more involved, support-raising, finding good contacts, recruiting mentors for students, and probably a lot of other things. Whether it’s a full-scale parents-invited large group meeting or a standing offer for free lunch with students and their parents… or other ideas… I’d weigh how this can fit into your semesters!

(And a bonus: You might be able to integrate with your campus in helping its Parents’ Weekends go well. Another win!)


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  1. one thing I love every year is our Parents Day on Sunday. We have a game in which the parents have to guess how many times their students have skipped class, done laundry, etc. Then we do a meal for students and parents. It’s a great way to connect with our families that don’t live here.

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