the first day of the rest of your life. or semester, at least.

On the day after Labor Day – which may be for you the first school day after Big Fall Retreat, Big First Week, or Other Big Milestone – I have a simple encouragement.

Let this be the first day of something big.

Let this semester be a semester of growing a stronger college ministry. Not just running plays you devised in August (or May). Not just constantly “taking the temperature” of the students and (only) responding to their felt needs. Not only doing the same thing (pretty much) that you’ve done for the last three school years.

There are books to be read, other ministries to be visited, and new thoughts to be pondered at length. There are new groups of students to be reached, new issues to be addressed, and new spiritual growth – in your life, I mean – to be pursued.

I hope you’ve got plans for this ministry to be stronger at Christmas than it is right now. This may be the day to get that started.

(And if you need at least five more BIG ways you could choose to build your ministry NOW, here you go.)


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