remember your tweak decisions (a fridea)

I started to write today’s Fridea about making good use of the Labor Day Weekend – taking a road trip, maybe, having a service day, preparing students for loving on their families if they go home.

But then I realized it’s kinda too late for that kind of planning. And THAT fact led me to an even better idea.

All year long, you’re going to think, “Oh! We should’ve done that!” kinds of thoughts. You’ll realize that Labor Day Weekend was a missed opportunity, that you should have taken part in that one campus-wide event, or that a six-week Bible study for graduating seniors would have been superb.

At other times, you’ll have “Here’s how we can do it better next time” thoughts. (Hopefully you have those a lot – if not, you might not be assessing your activities very well.)

Since both thoughts will rise all year long, here’s this week’s Fridea: Determine right now a reliable way you’ll record AND review your ideas for “next time around.”

I always have big thoughts about how I can do something better next time. But I don’t always jot down those ideas in-the-moment, often assuming it’s such a good idea that I’m bound to remember it when the time comes. Instead, it’s far better when I record those thoughts – and store them somewhere I know I’ll look.

Where / How is going to look different for everybody. Maybe you need to put these kinds of ideas (with an alarm) in the calendar on your phone. Maybe it’s just a Word doc and a well-placed folder (although even then, an alarm to remind you to review them could help). A filing system and a determination always to review past notes. A journal handed down by the student leaders who organize each activity.


The point is, you’re going to think of tweaks – hopefully lots of them – to make future activities even better. It’s a shame if those “tweak decisions” don’t make it on the docket for next year. (And it’ll be a little embarrassing when you think those exact same thoughts – again a little too late – next year!)


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