using Reaching in a new school year


Three years (and ten days) ago, I arrived back in Dallas after a yearlong road trip spent exploring the face of college ministry across the U.S. The firstfruits of that trip was my book, Reaching the Campus Tribes: An Opening Inquiry. The response to that FREE ebook was incredibly encouraging.

Since we’re at the start of yet another school year, I wanted to remind you that the book is out there – and point you to some uses for it that you may want to consider:

  • Use with student leaders. Pick out some sections (or just have ’em read the whole thing) to help them see themselves as the “missionaries to their own campus” that they’re meant to be.
  • Send to overseers / supporters. Reaching the Campus Tribes is meant to point outsiders to the glories of college ministry, too. Whether you send them the link or just pull some quotes, I’d be excited if it helps you share what you’re doing with the people who help you do it!
  • Pass it on to other college ministers. I think they’d appreciate it (and I would, too!).
  • (Re)read it. Remind yourself of the awesomeness of what you’re doing… and why doing it like missions is the best way to go. If you’ve read it before, I bet you’ll pick up something new this time!


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