take your word for it (a fridea for this very moment)

All week, I’ve blogged some thoughts about why College Ministers are really important – and I’ve aimed for reasons we don’t usually hear about / think about. Hope they’ve been encouraging. (Those four posts are here, here, here, and here.)

Now that it’s Friday, I want to encourage you to consider a Fridea along the same lines: Spend some hours (between now and the school year’s start) to actively remember why this work is SO vital.

Maybe you can start with my posts from this week…

…but I bet you have memories you can use: What was the first experience that made you think, “I want to be a campus minister”? How did God call you to this task? What were some of the early Best Moments, the moments when you saw exciting fruit and were glad to be exactly where you are?

What were some of the victories of the past year?

You also have resources you can use to remind yourself that THIS WORK MATTERS. If you work for a campus ministry organization, there are probably some sort of “Why College Ministry?” pamphlets or other propaganda lying around… When’s the last time you read them to convince yourself?

But what’s more, you might even need to take your (own) word for it! Look at the emails you’ve sent out to supporters. If you’re in a church, think through the arguments you’ve made (or would make) to your overseers and to parents about why this stuff is vital. How have you explained the glories of college ministry to your family and friends? Listen to yourself!

You KNOW college ministry matters. But right here, right before you jump in again with gusto, it might help to REMEMBER WHY college ministry matters.

Enjoy the hours.


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