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I figure in your world, short posts will be a blessing this week. So I’ll do my best at brevity – and encouragement!

Today, one more reason what you’re doing is awesome:

You are fostering an environment in which lifelong friendships are being forged.

Some of your ministry’s members will edify each other for decades to come.

Some will marry in fantastic unions;
some will conspire together in great, God-glorifying endeavors;
even some now strangers will connect years later, over shared memories of an amazing season in their lives.

All because of God’s work within your college ministry.

As you look out at that first large-group meeting, realize that much of what God’s doing isn’t between stage and audience… it’s student-to-student.

And the really cool thing is that what you see now is only a glimpse of what will blossom from some of these relationships over the next fifty years.


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