big news on the College Ministers Cohort @ Catalyst Atlanta

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that we WILL be holding another College Ministers Cohort at this year’s Catalyst Conference! Last year’s gathering was a phenomenal time, as around 175 college ministers got together for free lunches and much, much more.

I don’t want to belabor the point today – what’s MOST important is that you check out the Facebook Event, and sign up as YES or MAYBE if you want to receive updates over the next months.

There, you can also find information about:

  • the Saturday gathering we’ll be having to debrief together – this one was one of the most significant parts of last year’s Cohort
  • our Group Code if you haven’t already signed up for Catalyst – it’s only $199 before August 25th!
  • why the College Ministers Cohort is worth joining – and is an awesome reason to come to Catalyst

Of course, that Facebook Event enables YOU to get the word out – and I’m counting on everybody’s help for that, even if you personally aren’t able to make it to Catalyst Atlanta this year! What college ministers who YOU know should hear about this? Please let them know!

If you went last year (or even if you didn’t), I’d love input on how we can make the College Ministers Cohort even better! There are a couple of changes I’m planning already:

  • More time for conversation at the lunch(es) – made possible by our premier sponsor, OneLife!
  • A bigger push to encourage people to come to the “debriefing” (whether that’s Saturday or otherwise)

(Need more info about Catalyst? Check out their outstanding site here.)

So there you have it. Head over to the Facebook Event, THE main portal for info about this year’s College Ministers Cohort!


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