best-of-the-blog: training small group leaders

On Monday, I reprinted my important “Pick a Hill to Climb” post, which led off with perhaps the best way to improve your college ministry quickly:

Strong small group leader training. There are small-group-leadership skills (practical and spiritual) that can be taught, trained, tried, tested. While plenty of your leaders might be useful and impactful, if they’re untrained… they’re still untrained. Yet small groups are, for most college ministries, the “front lines” of discipling students – why leave this area underdeveloped?

I’ve written about training small group leaders in the past, primarily in a series called “Leadership Nuggets” that I wrote from my own learnings in my own experience as a peer leader back in college. Below, you’ll find the posts from that series – as well as a few other “best-of-the-blog” posts that can help you think through this area!

The Leadership Nuggets series (You might want to point your student leaders toward these posts themselves, or at least use the ideas as you train!)

…and a couple more posts for good measure


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