the last-minute, full-of-possibilities survey (a fridea for right now)

I know time is short for most of us these days. So I’ll keep the Fridea short – and it’s a Fridea that won’t take a lot of time to initiate, either.

And yet, it could produce profound, unexpected fruit for your ministry this fall.

In Monday’s list of “9 ways to spend the time you don’t have” between now and the start of school, I mentioned checking up on how students have fared this summer:

4. Discerning spiritual conditions. Your students have experienced things, grown, and (in some cases) slipped up this summer. Assuming your ministry is “just as you left it” in May is a mistake.

Today’s Fridea is related:

Survey some or all of your students (now) for any fresh, God-given ideas, burdens, personal callings, corporate callings… and anything else God might want to use to direct your college ministry through your students.

I recognize that asking students for ideas or new visions for the ministry might bring in a few awkward responses. But at the same time, isn’t it possible that God wants to speak through your students now – just as He (hopefully) does during the school year?

It may be that one or two students have been praying through some ideas that you need to hear. Perhaps God’s calling a student to lead out in a new area. Or maybe you’ll hear from ten or twenty about a similar burden for the campus that has “coincidentally” popped into all of their hearts over the summer.

Maybe you won’t get a lot of new direction (or even many responses). But writing a wisely worded email won’t take long. And if God does want to show you something… won’t the 10 minutes be worth it?


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