a hill to climb & other reasons to engage with the blogathon this week

As I noted yesterday, the Faith on Campus blog is hosting another college ministry Blogathon – centered on themes for an upcoming school year!

My contribution, “Pick a Hill to Climb,” went live today, and it’s one of the “bolder” posts I’ve written in awhile. While it may step on some toes, it has to, I suppose (how else can we be serious about improvement?).

The post starts:

Pick a Hill to Climb

How much better will your ministry be in November or March than it is in August?

Ministry improvement should be a year-round endeavor, not just something we tackle in the summer or at an occasional conference. In fact, many avenues for growth are only or primarily available when school’s in session. So hopefully you’re considering how you can move your ministry from a “7″ to a “8″ (or even from a “2″ to a “4″) well before next June.

As we stand at the base of a new semester, we have the choice to keep our ministries here for nine months… or to carry them toward new heights! So as you look at the possibilities for improving your college ministry, consider tackling at least one or two of these hills.

Check out those “five hills” here. You’ll find brief suggestions on five different aspects of improvement, from how you evaluate your ministry to specific actions you can take with student leaders.

Meanwhile, there are nine other posts already up at the Blogathon, as well, covering a wide range of topics. Brian Barela gives five simple but quite consequential ways to tune up our Social Media strategy before school starts. As usual, guys connected with the CCO (Byron Borger and Derek Melleby) point us toward aspects of student discipleship that most college ministers don’t seem to prioritize as much as they should (and give us a couple of book suggestions in the process!) There’s even an interesting look at how we might reach that segment of our campus that’s “attending” online, and Sarah Koutz points us to the vital balance we have to strike as we prepare for the year…

And several more posts worth checking out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my post, and I know the rest of the authors would say the same thing! So check out the Blogathon, and learn with us!


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