get on over to the Back-to-School Blogathon

From today through Thursday, Guy Chmieleski is hosting his newest Campus Ministry Blogathon, with a very fitting Back-to-School theme! The posts on applicable topics come from a broad selection of college ministers and others with something for our field!

I got the chance to write a post for this year’s Blogathon – not sure when it’ll be posted, but I’ll let you know. My topic? Five ways you can build a stronger ministry between September and May!

Jump into all the great reading and discussions here:

And be sure to notice that underneath the list of this year’s contributors, you can find all the posts from LAST year’s Back-to-School Blogathon. I had the chance to write back then on one of my favorite topics for this time of year: Making even our recruiting an act of student discipleship!

So… I’ll see you at the Blogathon! And as I see what unfolds over there, I might have the chance to write some follow-up comments and thoughts on this blog.


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