like they’re missionaries ’cause they are (a fridea)

At least in most well-developed college ministries, our student leaders are doing something ENORMOUS and VITAL. They’re taking a key part in God changing lives through the college ministry, serving – in a sense – as “indigenous leaders” or as “missionaries to their own campus.”

Since that’s true, have you considered involving more people in praying for them and encouraging them this school year?

When it comes to missionaries overseas, we publicize their names, roles, prayer requests, and more – with anybody and everybody who will listen. We make missionaries’ contact information known so people can send care packages, or at least send emails with notes of support.

What if you did the same thing with your student leaders?

What if local church members, your alumni base, your parent base, or your financial supporters got that list – complete with roles, prayer needs, and contact info?

What if, during key periods (like the start of school or before a retreat), student leaders’ names were put on arm bands and passed out to some of these same groups?

Not only would this provide prayer for the most important “cogs” in your college ministry… it would encourage them… it would provide a sense of accountability… it might even open up new chances to seek wisdom and mentorship… and it would help them better understand the weight of what they’re doing.


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  1. PC

    I love this. I need to think on this a bit more to see what ways I would institute this for our group and ministry. I feel like I would have to instill the missionary understanding a bit more into MY STUDENTS before I could take this idea to our church.

    Hmmmm…challenges everywhere! Thanks!

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