getting backwards this summer

In the last week, I’ve had opportunities with two different college ministers to talk about the principle of “Backwards College Ministry.” If you’ve been reading for long, you know this is one of the principles I believe makes the biggest difference in college ministry effectiveness – both in large-scale issues (like a semester plan or the structure of an entire ministry) as well as smaller things (like individual messages or picking a small group study). (Start at the bottom.)

I wrote in the first post in that series,

Though it is quite wise to ask ourselves if we’re “hitting what we aim at,” the problem is that it’s really easy for college ministries not to “aim” at all!

Instead, I’m tempted to “run the College Ministry Playbook” – choosing methods that have worked before and being content with the fruit… without ever stopping to ask if that particular harvest is everything God wanted to provide. God gets plenty of “good licks with crooked sticks,” so the presence of fruit doesn’t mean all is best.

Whether these ideas are review or new, I’d encourage you to consider them again! The time to think about being ultra-purposeful is in the planning… and for many of us, that’s a big aspect of our summertimes.


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