Catalyst College Ministers Cohort 2011 (yep, we’re doing it again!)

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Last year, about 175 college ministers (including a neat contingent of student leaders) enjoyed our College Ministers Cohort at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. We handed out hundreds of freebies, held drawings for more stuff, and fed everybody – all within walking distance of the conference. It was all optional, and it was all very casual. Then on Saturday, some of us hung around for an incredible day of connecting Catalyst learnings with the field of Collegiate Ministry.

We’re Cohorting again this October!

Catalyst is THE premier Christian leadership gathering, and it has immense value for catalyzing our thinking as college ministers

…and the College Ministers Cohort simply adds value for every college minister who attends!

The Cohort is not an “extra conference”; it simply offers some chances during Catalyst to spend time with other college ministers. (And to get as many bonus benefits as I can figure out between now and then!)

So if you’re planning on Catalyst already, I hope you’ll hang out with us. And if you HAVEN’T planned on Catalyst, I’d love to help push you over that edge.

Hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll be able to announce whether we’re meeting on Saturday (since that will affect travel plans). It is also likely we’ll have at least a casual dinner on Wednesday night (the night of the Labs) for anyone in town by then – and maybe we’ll do more than dinner?

If you went last year (or even if you didn’t), I’d love input on how we can make it even better! There are a couple of changes I’m planning already:

  • More time for conversation at the lunch(es) – made possible by our premier sponsor, OneLife!
  • A bigger push to encourage people to come to the “debriefing” (whether that’s Saturday or otherwise)

(Need more info about Catalyst? Check out their phenomenal site here.)

So there you have it. Catalyst College Ministers Cohort 2011 is a go. I’m already excited.


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