college ministry, bieber style (a fridea)

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(If you can’t see the video above, you can see it and the Good Morning America story here.)

Don’t know if you’ve seen this story or not, but it’s pretty great.

And there’s something big we can learn from Justin Bieber here: Unexpected attendance can sometimes be a phenomenal blessing.

I’ve written about this before (so read there for more), and this Fridea is simple AND powerful: Consider ways your group’s presence (or even your presence as a college minister) can be a surprising blessing.

What does your group “show up for” that you don’t plan yourselves?

  • Campus functions?
  • Other ministries’ campus-wide outreaches?
  • Graduation ceremonies?
  • Recitals, exhibitions, art shows, speeches, class presentations?
  • Service projects run by secular groups?
  • Parties organized by other groups?
  • Athletic contests (especially the less-popular ones)?
  • Intramural games?
  • Student government meetings?

Even if your group is small, it’s likely the presence of some of your members could encourage, impact, or build relationships with somebody – just by showing up. And imagine if you can bring a few dozen – or a few hundred – with you!

Now I get a little bolder, but I believe this: If everything your campus ministry does was planned by your campus ministry, you’re likely a poor member of the campus community.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez gave that whole wedding party something they’ll talk about for the rest of their lives. In just 10 minutes of presence.

We may not have their star power… but we’ve got more minutes to spend!


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