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I first posted this Fridea around this time last summer, but it’s something that could be really profound for your college ministry – and it’s even something that might be worth making into an annual tradition.

A while back, I discussed fasting as a great discipline to introduce to college students. And while there are plenty of ways to make this “vintage” practice part of your college ministry, here’s one of the bigger ways:

Call a college ministry-wide fast in preparation for the upcoming school year.

I recognize this is a bit tricky most of your students are away for the summer. But Facebook Events or phone calls can work wonders! And it’s a pretty neat way to participate in spiritual community together, even while separated by thousands of miles.

(If you’ve got some students local this summer who are going elsewhere in the fall, this can still be a personal fast as they prepare for their own next year.)

The first exposure to fasting I remember was in the youth group, where our youth ministers held an annual 40-day fast before Youth Camp. Not nearly all of us – and very few (if any) of the students – chose to fast from food. But many of us fasted from something for those 40 days.

I remember that first time we did it – and I remember how God prepared me for what He wanted to do. I entered Camp with a strong sense of expectancy AND saw God move in some really exciting ways that week.

Those are three of the potential benefits of a “anticipatory fast”

  • opening ourselves to God’s preparation
  • entering a new season or event with expectancy
  • and then – as God sees fit – watching Him respond in cool ways to the fervency of His people

If it fits your group right now and fits your purposes, I’d encourage you to consider calling your students to a fast! It could prepare everybody for an astounding fall – or at the very least, help everybody start the school year in a very special – and anticipatory – way.

I listed a few resources for learnin’ about fasting on that earlier post. I’d love to hear about other ideas / resources, too!


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