impacting the pre-built

A simple question that happens to be on my mind today:

As we plan and develop our college ministry, have we considered the experience for students who come to college quite far along in their relationship with the Lord?

“Evaluating Christian maturity” gets a little touchy; some of our students think they’re more mature than they are, and the actually-mature still have much growing to do (as we all do!). But I think in some campus ministries, there’s an assumption that our “pipelines” are as equally valid for a new Christian (or newly-recommitted Christian) as they are for the gal who became a Christian over a decade previous and has been growing since then.

Is it really best to ask students to cover old growth-ground for a year or two? Is there no room to take mature students further, faster?

We all aim to make the “Building” of students a priority. But what avenues for further growth are available for students who arrive rather (and thankfully!) “pre-built”?

Like most points of assessment, this is a ministry-by-ministry evaluation. So don’t get bogged down in the paragraphs – refer yourself to the original question: What’s the experience like for students who come to college with quite a bit of spiritual growth under their belt?


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