ideas all around us: an idea from zack morris

This week, I’ve been working hard to notice the good ideas for College Ministry embedded like Easter eggs within the things we encounter every day. It’s good to view the world through “college ministry lenses,” because you never know where a good idea for YOUR ministry might pop up.

Yesterday I was watching Saved by the Bell while I was getting ready for the day. It was the episode where Zack, Lisa, and Screech develop a “Teen Hotline” to give advice to fellow students.

So that got me thinkin’…

Could you provide some “extra help” in any way to students on your campus? This might even mean some sort of “question hotline” – maybe for new students in the first weeks of school, helping them find their class, deal with red tape, or otherwise “learn the ropes.” Or for Transfer Students, who likely don’t have nearly the help – from campus staff OR parents – that freshmen do. Or for International Students, all year long (the campus might even pay for that!).

Some campus help desks – like Auburn’s – are famous for their ability to answer any and all questions… but not every school has that. Could a college ministry do something along those lines?

If it’s not a phone line, what else could it be? I’ve written before about positioning “Map-Bringers” around campus to help new students. What if you ran a one-time seminar with “tips and tricks” for navigating your school, complete with panel discussion AND some input on picking a college ministry and a church? One ministry in Ft. Worth has done “city tours” as the semester started, giving great opportunities to start relationships while serving students in a real way. You could run a blog that functions like a “tip line,” with (anonymous) questions and answers for all to see – on any topic(s) you choose.

This is a fun one to chew on, but I better hit the brakes before this post gets too long… and you’re bound to come up with ideas that fit your campus best, anyway.

Thanks, Zack Morris!


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  1. This is a great idea that I will file away, but more then that I love how casually you say, “Yesterday I was watching Saved by the Bell while I was getting ready for the day.” Is that part of your regular morning routine? That brought back some good memories, haha!

  2. :) There’s no shame in SBTB!

    TBS is definitely one great go-to channel in the morning: Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, and Yes, Dear (which, by the way, stars the guy I get compared to ALL the time).

  3. Haha, I had never thought about you looking like the guy from Yes, Dear. But now that you say that I can totally see it! And you’re right those shows will always be good! I can still remember almost all of the lyrics to the rap in the opening of Fresh Prince.

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